11.29.2017 1:00pm (PT) Your Direct Sales Foundation Group Coaching (doTERRA)

Gain Control of Your Sales Results By Up-leveling Your Skills | taught by AJ Varney

Course description

Selling is hard. Or is it?

In this course, I will walk you through the foundational skills to ensure that you are set up to succeed. No more running around like a chicken with your head cut off or losing more money than you are earning.

You will learn:

1. essential time management and planning skills

2. how to set up appointments

3. how to close sales

4. how to get referrals and expand outside your warm market

5. how to retain your customers long-term through solid 2nd appointments

6. how to properly recruit, onboard and train your new team members

This is for brand new network marketers who don't want to learn the hard way, for network marketers that have been stuck for a long time, or for leaders that want to be able to help their teams be more successful by teaching them simple yet super effective approaches.

The program will go for 9 weeks, but you will have access to the recordings and the online course forever. :)

This bundle includes everything you need to start your group coaching program.

This provides lifetime access to Your Direct Sales Foundation- the online course to teach you how to achieve goals, set appointments, close, get referrals, retain customers, recruit, and develop your team.

Group coaching meetings will be held Wednesday at 1pm (PT) starting 11.29.2017 for 10 weeks (Dec 27th break for Holiday). 

This also includes the "guided tour," of group coaching. We will meet each week, live, for one hour. Meetings will go for 9 weeks. We will discuss and learn from each other based on the topics in Your Direct Sales Foundation. We will also build a community with challenges, accountability, and encouragement in a private FB group. You will have access to Tasha in the coaching sessions and in the FB group. All meetings will be recorded so if you can't attend at that time you will still learn a ton!

Not sure how this program is different from all the others you have invested in? Here is what some of the alum from the last group had to say...

"I am truly thankful for the kick in the pants I'm receiving not only from the DSF course, but especially from the group coaching sessions. I feel truly under the gun, so to speak, as every week whatever we've been focusing on happens to be what I have to put into practice immediately! Yikes! I haven't even been able to memorize my scripts fully yet because everyday there are more appointments--darn it! ;) (Big grin!) I guess we have to start somewhere and sometime. Thank you, Tasha Saran Smith, for coming into my life for such a time as this...."

"I went from feeling like a deer in headlights with my business to feeling extremely comfortable and confident. Yes, Tasha helps you with your sales script, but she also helps you change your viewpoint and attitude which made all the difference for me! I owe several sales to her and I'm only 2 months into my business!"

" I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your training services. I have really appreciate the way that you approach the sales process. It is clear, concrete and simple. You make it all about the customer and your approach has really changed the way I think about sales. I can't keep up with the list of people I need to contact. My calendar is booked out and I am getting new builders faster than I know what to do with them! Now I need a training on managing my time to make the most sales, haha. I really appreciated the group coaching too, I hope that you continue to do that with your program. Even though I didn't complete all the assignments, having the accountability was really helpful in keeping me motivated. Having the access to your brain was a huge plus as the way that you think about things is both revolutionary and simple and I am always astounded at how complicated I have made things in my mind and it was right there in front of me the whole time"

" I personally have liked the accountability and keeping track of the points. It helps keep a fire under my butt!! Most importantly I feel the content has been the missing piece to my business. Having the tools and skills laid out, explained and implemented make me feel like I am really working my business and not just doing this as a hobby! It does challenge me to make decisions regarding my business. I like the group discussions because others have raised questions that I never thought about and it is good to see the training videos come to life in the group"

For YOUR DIRECT SALES FOUNDATION: If you would like to request a refund after your initial 3 days has passed, we will refund your entire purchase within 30 days after your initial date of purchase IF you have completed at least 50% of the online module course content. If WITHIN 30 days, you are not satisfied for any reason, and have completed the 50% or more of your course content, at that time we will remove your course access and refund your amount in full at your request. Your Direct Sales Foundation courses are non-transferable.

AJ Varney
AJ Varney
Sales Coach

AJ has over 12 years in sales and leadership, she reached the highest sales rank in the shortest amount of time possible in her corporate career. She consistently stayed in the top 1-5% through her monthly performance, this translated to approximately $15-$20k in new business revenue monthly. In her leadership experience, she managed sales teams on-site and remotely, she trained, coached and developed individuals to reach their highest potential. She is a one on one private sales and leadership coach as well as runs many of our group coaching and workshops here at Emerge.

“I am honored to be part of the Emerge Sales Training team and the Emerge Sales Community. We are a group of individuals that have integrity in ourselves and with our customers. I believe in the simple sales steps and rationale leadership concepts that Emerge has developed for you to take to your own Direct Sales business and implement immediately.

 My motto is “Learn, Love, Do, Teach and Repeat”.  It is important to not limit yourself. Define your success and then let us help you learn and practice correctly the little steps and activities that lead to big results.This duplicatable process is what sets us apart.

On a Personal note, my husband, Trevor and I live in AZ. We are blessed, raising two amazingly active little boys and we spend our weekends together being active with them generally hiking, swimming and when we are ready to relax... we all love to watch movies! Additionally, Health and wellness are a passion of mine and I find myself truly enjoying to cook and getting creative with healthy recipes.”

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