Live Recruiting Workshop - January 14th

How to Encourage People to Join Your Team Even if You Aren't Making 10K per month | taught by Tasha Smith

Course description

You know that you need to add people to your team to run a long-term sustainable network marketing business.

There is one problem, you are still learning yourself. Doh!

In this online workshop, we are going to deep dive into how to use Your Direct Sales Foundation format to sell a different thing: an opportunity.

Together, we will explore the following areas:

1. How your sales skills impact recruiting

2. How a clear vision of what you are building makes a difference

3. Having a job that people want to do

4. How to invite people without them wanting to avoid you forever

5. How to train people so you feel confident in bringing people onto your team

*If you are not a graduate of the Closing Workshop, or Your Direct Sales Foundation (my paid courses) make sure you complete the "pre-work" located inside the portal for the Recruiting Workshop.

Tasha Smith
Tasha Smith
Owner, Emerge Sales Training