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You know how to sell. Now it's time to learn how to lead. | taught by Karen Hammond

Course description

You know how to sell, but can you lead others to sell?

This is a comprehensive sales leadership course teaching you the fundamentals of leadership, managing yourself, and coaching your team to be the best they can be.

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We will answer the following questions:

Week 1: What am I actually supposed to do as a sales leader?

Week 2: How am I supposed to spend my time?

Week 3: What does coaching look like?

Week 4: How do I create buy-in?

Weeks 5-8: How do I coach people at different skill levels?

Karen Hammond
Karen Hammond
Leadership Coach

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Course Curriculum

BONUS: How to Sell Your Direct Sales Conversation to Your Team Members
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BONUS: Training on Closing, Referrals, and Recruiting
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